External Insulating Finishing System

what is an EIFS

What is an EIFS?

An EIFS, or Exterior Insulation and Finish System, is a multi-layered cladding system applied to the exterior walls of buildings. It combines insulation, weatherproofing, and a decorative finish in one system, making it a popular choice for both new construction and renovations. Here’s a breakdown of the EIFS components: Insulation board: typically made of polystyrene […]

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installing external insulating finishing system

Guide in Installing External Insulating Finishing System

Introduction If you are seeking to enhance the energy efficiency and visual attractiveness of your structure, opting for an External Insulating Finishing System (EIFS) presents a commendable solution. EIFS, a multi-layered cladding system, offers insulation and safeguards the exterior walls. This comprehensive guide will lead you through the step-by-step procedure of installing external insulating finishing

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